Beware the Odd Angles

The Auction

PCs Present: Scott Drake, Ruby Khan, Father Rienolf, Karl van Weer

Events: What starts as an innocent auction of esoteric and occult paraphernalia turns deadly when one of the items up for bid is stolen in an elaborate heist that leaves one of Ausperg Auction House’s employees in bloody pieces. The team, as interested in tracking down the Brass Head as they are in solving the crime, shadow the likeliest suspect, one Klaus Hunderprest. The investigation culminates with the pacifisitic van Weer shanking Hunderprest in the guts, Ruby nearly getting dragged away by ape-like men in black robes, Scott nearly going insane, and Father Reinolf dynamiting Hunderprest’s sepulchral digs. Hunderprest is “disappeared” and the Brass Head is recovered and placed in Drakes “Vault of Doom” in his penthouse apartment.

Also of note: the acquisition of several occult items at the auction, including old tomes and the infamous Blood Ankh, and the introduction of Miss Daphne Bell, who earned van Weer’s undying affection (unrequited, unfortunately).


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