Beware the Odd Angles

Statue of the Sorcerer (Part I)

PCs Present: Scott Drake, Ruby Khan, Father Rienolf, Dr. Alvin Yee, The Professor

Events: Half-a-year after collaborating on the Paul Collins case, Sam Hammett seeks out Scott and Ruby for help on another puzzler. A former associate of his at the Pinkertons, Louis Schwartzvogel, has turned up dead – struck by lightning from a clear night sky – in the course of investigating a case of academic plagiarism at the behest of one John Niall, Professor of Medieval Studies at Brown University. Professor Niall believed Claud Worlsman, a resident of the Bay Area, copied the former’s article on homunculi.

Scott, Ruby, and Father Rienolf called in the services of Dr. Yee, the medical examiner who received Schwartzvogel’s body at the city morgue, as well as the University of California’s Professor of Paleo-linguistics for help in deciphering the cryptic clue found on Schwartzvogel’s body. After discovering that Worlsman was owner of the publishing company that put out the plagiarized article, and that he ran something called the Theologosophical Society, the group decided to infiltrate the Society in an attempt to get closer to Worlsman.

They discovered that Daphne Bell was a member as well, and their connection to her got them introduced to Worlsman, a handsome and charismatic man in his early 30s. Their interview went well, and Worlsman invited the group to attend a special seminar at his winery, El Profondo Ranch, in Mill Valley.


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