Beware the Odd Angles

Mr. Corbitt

PCs Present: Father Rienolf, Simon Bailey, Doris the Philologist, Professor Wood

Events: A quick summary of the salient events follows—full write-up to come later this week.

  • Party has established weekly get-togethers at Ruby’s new home to enjoy Sunday afternoon tea.
  • Party mystified by one remaining oddity from Worlsman’s time as owner: ceiling board with impression of child-sized footprint in the wood. Closer inspection reveals the footprint is pressed into the hard oak, as if the wood had been as soft as butter. With Ruby’s permission, the board is torn out and removed.
  • Professor Wood spots kindly across-the-street neighbor Mr. Corbitt engaged in suspicious shenanigans. The group spends the following week looking into this supposedly grandfatherly figure, finding out about the death of a wife in childbirth 12 years ago, the death of his father on a trip to India 14 years ago, and the madness of the nurse who attended Corbitt’s wife in childbirth. The group has reason to believe Corbitt’s wife may have had twins and that Corbitt has been raising the one that survived.
  • Following week, Doris (Ruby’s neighbor who has been joining in the tea parties) decides to go snoop around when Coribitt departs for his weekly afternoon drive. She initially finds little to be suspicious of in the backyard or in the house.
  • Father Rienolf joins Doris and they head down to the basement. There they find an extensive lab/surgery and are confronted by a strange creature made out of stiched-together body parts: the head of a woman with arms attached at each ear and a leg sewn to the neck stump. Father Rienolf loses it completely when the Thing launches itself at him and the monstrosity nearly escapes onto the street.
  • The Thing is dispatched when Simon and Professor Wood come running from across the street having seen signs of commotion in the house. Simon takes the Thing out with a well-placed bullet from his Luger (splattering intestines rather than gray matter from the Thing’s cranium) and the group immediately decide to burn the house down.
  • They first retrieve Corbitt’s journals and book collection. Corbitt arrives back shortly after the fire department pulls up and collapses into hysterics, screaming about “my baby!”
  • The house is a wreck, but a week later men claiming to be from the Bureau of Investigation show up and have the entire premises torn down, even digging up the foundation of the house. Their cover is that Coritt was growing opium in his greenhouse. The men who spoke with Ruby flashed government credentials, but were also wearing strange lapel pins in the shape of green triangles. Neither Doris nor Professor Wood could find any significance, occult or otherwise, attached to this symbol.
  • Professor Wood spends a couple days reading through Corbitt’s journals, confirming the group’s suspicions of his nefarious deeds. Doris and Father Rienolf both take one of the tomes from Corbitt’s shelf and begin attempting to understand revelations contained within…


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